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The regulations are delivered to the guests upon their arrival; they are posted both at the entrance and inside the Village. The act of entry to the Village implies, on the part of the guest, the complete acceptance and observance of these regulations. In everyone’s interest, the Management reserves the right to immediately remove guests who fail to comply with these rules and/or whose behaviour disturbs the peace and order within the Village. The cooperation of our Guests is indispensable to guarantee a serene and pleasant stay for all.
  1. Access into the village and the beach is permitted only to authorized people,who have produced, for this purpose, a valid ID.Any violation of this principle means violation of the penal law, and transgressors will be sued of house-breaking.
  2. On arrival, guests are requested to tender a valid ID which bill be returned after final payment
  1. Inside the premises only 1 car/motorbike per unit/emplacement is allowed, equipped with the control-coupon, and cannot circulate during the Silence hours.Any other car - owned by visitors or parents - must be parked outside the premises.
  2. Vans are admitted only for loading/unloading and cannot park inside.

  1. Lodges and reserved emplacements are assigned
  2. Once authorized to choose the emplacement himself, guest must notify immediately the number of emplacement to the Reception Desk. Reserved emplacements can be occupied only upon the Management authorisation.
  3. During the silence hours, from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 23.00 to 07.00, it is forbidden to enter, to circulate around and to exit the premises with motor vehicles of any kind.Guests can enter or exit only by feet or by bicycle. Radio,TV and any other device must be lowered down and not be audible outside the lodge
  4. According to the privacy tutorship, any search for clients with speakers, any incoming call, and the release of any kind of information regarding guests hosted in the village, cannot be performed without the agreement of the guest himself.
  1. Temporary guests (those who spend 1 or more nights in the lodge/emplacement of a resident guest) are admitted as long as the total number of occupants does not exceed the maximum permitted for that type of lodge.
  2. They must check-in and check-out in real time at the Reception and sign the form provided.
  1. Day visitors are admitted from 08.00 to 22.30. Our guest are allowed to stay in the resort also the day of departure, as long as they pay the daily fee and park the car outside the premises.
  2. There is no charge for visitors staying less than 60 minutes, but they must deposit a valid ID at the Reception until their departure.
  1. Check-out time is 10.00 a.m. for house-unit residents, 11.00 a.m. for camping residents. In case of check-out after that time one extra night will be charged to guest’s account.
  2. Lodges will be inspected before tenant’s departure. If any damage, or untidiness occurs, a certain amount will be charged, based on a leaflet
  3. Bookings of house units: no reduction applied in case of delayed arrival and/or advanced departure; bookings of emplacements: in case of advanced departure the price per person will be charged until day of departure, while the price of emplacement will be charged according to the booked dates.
  1. The Management cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by: guests behaviour,uncontrollable events and environmental calamities,such as fall of trees or branches, or by any other cause not depending on our Personnel’s negligence.
  2. Using of swimming-pools, playgrounds, sport equipments, etc. is at your owns risk.
    We recommend guests to watch over their children.
  3. All the animation and sport activities are optional and a free will of our guests. Any harmful result due to guest’s behaviour cannot be ascribed to the Village.
  1. The Management invites guests at check-in to report the presence of dogs, which must be in compliance with health regulations, proven by relevant documentation. It is not permitted to stay in our mobil-homes with dogs; they are only allowed on the pitches designated for them.
  2. Access to the beach and transit within the campsite are only permitted in the authorised areas indicated by the relevant signs. Dogs must be kept on a leash for all movements.
  3. It is at the owner's discretion to keep them in such a way that they do not cause disturbance or damage to other guests. For reasons of hygiene and safety, dogs are to be washed exclusively in the tubs provided by the campsite.
  4. Other animals are only allowed at the Management's discretion.
  5. The management declines all liability for any damage to persons and/or property caused by pets.

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